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History of Research

Texas Tech Centennial

History of Research

From the Antarctic to Space: A Century of Research at Texas Tech

Texas Tech has transformed from a college with one mention of research in its founding bill to a nationally recognized research university.


Impactful Research from TTU

Texas Tech Strives to Create Research Opportunities That Meet Community Needs, Involves Students, Has Impact

Early Research Into Yaquis Native Americans Had Support From West Texas Region Amidst Great Depression

William Curry Holder led one of Texas Tech's first scientific expeditions, traveling to learn more about the Yaqui people, who lived in northern Mexico and the southern United States.

Texas Tech Researchers Played Important Roles in Covid-19 Testing

As campuses and businesses closed across the world, researchers worked tirelessly to deliver test results, produce critical supplies, and pioneer new ways of detecting Covid-19.

How One Tragic Event Led to 50 Years of Life-saving Research

The National Wind Institute, one of Texas Tech's most successful and ongoing research efforts, was established in response to the aftermath of a deadly tornado that struck Lubbock in 1970.

The Next 100 Years

Research and discoveries at Texas Tech will continue to benefit West Texas, the state, and the world as we enter our second century.


TTU Centennial