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Looking Forward

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Looking Forward

Our vision for the second century of Texas Tech University

Born as Texas Technological College, Texas Tech University has never stopped aspiring to think big, to think in worldwide terms. It is from such drive that a small college founded in 1923 in the vast spaces of West Texas has become an extraordinary 21st-century engine of educational, research, cultural, economic, and athletic opportunity. In our first 100 years, Texas Tech has become a potent force for learning and discovery in areas critical to humanity in the 21st-century.

As we prepare to celebrate Texas Tech's past and present, we do so with anticipation of what is yet to come. We have always been future bound, determined to turn big ideas into action. We have come far, but we have so much more to do. This is the story of Texas Tech, where a determination to grow, to progress, to meet the needs of the region, the state and the world are as entwined in our spirit as the Double T.

Our momentum has never been greater and as we look toward the future, we see this great institution as a destination for education that provides a holistic approach to the academic, social and immersive experiences for students. We will provide our students the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to solve global challenges and thrive in a 21st-century democracy. We will continue to expand our commitment to student success, as we also increase financial support and reduce student debt. We are committed to increasing the quality of our unique and personalized student experience and provide even greater access and opportunity.

We will build on our history of scholarship and research as we move toward to the status of a Top 50 national research institution. We will enhance Texas Tech's tradition of creativity and cultural enrichment through our commitment to the arts and humanities. We will seize upon our location in these great plains to solve worldwide problems through impactful research. Working with a faculty at the forefront of discovery and innovation and capitalizing on our geography, we will address issues of global consequence in areas including energy, sustainability, and water.

Today we ask that each of you take this  journey with us. In the coming months and years, we will challenge each of you, our faculty, staff, alumni and supporters to help us succeed in achieving this bold vision for our next century.  We will not lose sight of these objectives as we continue to enhance Texas Tech's ability to offer an unparalleled student experience while also becoming a top 50 national research institution.

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We are a bright tomorrow where anything is possible, and we will always be a force for good. We are the Red Raiders, the Scarlet and Black.

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