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Share Your Texas Tech Story

Share Your Texas Tech Story

This is an opportunity to share your favorite story or memory of Texas Tech. Your story could be about how TTU has impacted your life or maybe you want to share a special memory of a friend, an impactful class, professor, or a big Red Raider sports victory. Your story is your choice, we just want you to share it with us!

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This is a collection of all the stories that have been submitted. Stories are broken down by submission topic below.

About a Faculty Member

Tell us about a faculty member whose instruction, guidance, or mentorship has had a significant personal or professional influence on your life. What was the impact?

Favorite Athletic Tradition or Event

The excitement around Texas Tech Athletics is at an all-time high. What is your favorite athletic tradition or event, past or present? Share a related personal memory.

About a Significant Location on Campus

Texas Tech's renowned Spanish Renaissance Architecture is something that every student admires and appreciates, and our campus is full of unique spots that that have become favorites over the years. Tell us about a location on campus that has significant meaning to you, and why.

Stimulating Project

Tell us about a project, an experiment, research, or any assignment that you found particularly stimulating or formative.

Music that Reminds You of Texas Tech

What song brings you back to your time at Texas Tech? What would you add to a playlist of Texas Tech essentials?

The Texas Tech Alumni Network

The Texas Tech culture is unique and special. What influence did your academic experience at Texas Tech have on your career trajectory, or career plans?

Red Raiders in Love

For many, Texas Tech is the place where spouses and partners met. Where did you and your spouse/partner meet on campus? Feel free to share any special memories that the two of you shared while at Texas Tech.

Craziest Weather Texas Tech Story

Everyone has a favorite weather story from their time at Texas Tech. What was the craziest one that you can remember?

Because I...

Fill in the blank. Because I went to Texas Tech, I...

My Love and Passion...

Fill in the blank. My love and passion for Texas Tech comes from...

I have my own story to tell...

My story doesn't fit into the categories above, but it's a story that I really want to share.

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